EnerSys Batteries

EnerSys are the worlds largest battery manufacturer with strategically located manufacturing facilities worldwide. With extensive R&D EnerSys lead the way in product innovation and development aimed at saving cost and delivering performance for all its customers. Defence Logistics are able to offer the EnerSys product range across many platforms delivering cost savings both on new and overhualed products worldwide. Inspection free storagelife of 2 years, sealed and maintenance free, suitable for full aerobatics and manufactured in fully accredited EASA facilities our batteries offer long life, easy of installation and continual power when you need it.

Plaforms from the Learjet family, F-18 Hornet, BAE Hawk, F16, Suhkoi and MiG, Falcon and Dassult range, Tucano, Pilatus and Lockheed C130 range as well as many rotary wing such as the Blackhawk and Merlin helicopters.

Please contact us for our full range of maintenance free lead acid aircraft batteries – technology for maximum power and safety.