Bullet Proof Film

Defence Logistics is the chosen distributor for AIMS Shield Safety and Security Window Films. Developed over the last 20 years this film offers the complete ballistics, blast and impact protection for various applications. Available in various thicknesses to suit your requirement the film is completely transparent and does not impede vision whilst offering an easy fit solution to your impact and ballistics requirements.

A single covering of film on glass display cabinets and burglar vulnerable windows ensures that your possessions are safe. Please watch the attached video of our testing of the film against heavy impact on a jewelry display cabinet.

Our film is Bulletproof to various calibre rounds depending on the thickness required for the application. Tested at various ranges with various calibre rounds the film offers complete protection without impeding vision suitable for car windscreens, guard posts, office blocks and public buildings. Because it’s such a lightweight alternative to traditional toughened glass which is exceptionally heavy using the film to bulletproof cars means the additional costs associated with strengthening the car’s frame and reconfiguring the braking and handling are eliminated.  Please see the attached video of our ballistics testing.

The film also offers protection against debris impact, bomb blasts, fire protection, wind debris and anti-graffiti. During a terrorist attack the flying debris and shattered windows causes a great deal of damage. Our film contains that debris and glass protecting the public from horrific injuries and as a lightweight retrofit solution minimises the cost without the need for structural changes. Please watch our video of the film being tested.